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Fixing Your Feet

This past May, I wrote a blog post that talked about several new sock designs that had caught my attention. One of the new designs was from Ellsworth. Don Dahlgren, of Ellsworth & Company, read my post and reached out with an offer to try […]


Run | Climb | Ride

Oh, The Places You (R Socks)’ll Go

It’s been quite some time now since I worked in the outdoor industry (just over four years!), and while the thing I miss most about it changes often, the one thing that’s always near the top of the list is […]


The Outdoor Ninja


When putting together a reliable and functional outdoor kit, the average person’s thoughts drift toward the sexier items first. Brightly colored rain shells using important sounding materials such as Gore-Tex, Pertex, and Hyvent are usually first on everyone’s list, followed closely […]


What Is In A Name?

For us, it runs deep.  

Ellsworth & Co. is a family run business. Choosing a name was easy.  

The definition of tradition is: the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to […]

How To Choose Summer Hiking Socks

Are you wearing the right pair of socks on your hikes?

As an experienced hiker you know that the clothing you wear is just as important as the equipment you are carrying.

Wearing improper clothing can cause pain, irritation that will make or break […]