This past May, I wrote a blog post that talked about several new sock designs that had caught my attention. One of the new designs was from Ellsworth. Don Dahlgren, of Ellsworth & Company, read my post and reached out with an offer to try a pair of his socks. Read More

Don says about his V Channel socks, “I designed the V Channel construction specifically to deal with moisture buildup inside of the shoe or boot. For years, all sock companies have tried to deal with moisture by using different fibers or yarns. I simply didn’t feel that method went far enough. Moisture will always follow the path of least resistance to escape, thus, I created three-dimensional channel construction with two elevations. One for cushioning and the other flat knit for least resistance to allow moisture to escape. Much like a rain tire disburses water from the underneath of a tire.”

Ellsworth also says that “The V Channels create a passageway or a “path of least resistance” for sweat to escape from under the foot. With every step, the air carrying sweat vapor is forced through the V-Channels keeping the foot drier, which in turn reduces blisters and enhances performance.”

Yes, that caught my eye too. Anything that potentially reduces blister formation is good – and drier is good.

I was sent a pair of the Light Hiker Quarter height socks. I use the socks running and cycling and am impressed with their performance. I like the softness and thickness of the socks and when removing the socks, notice my feet are drier to the touch. The V Channels have not compressed over time or with repeated washings. They are still doing their job of creating a channel or path to move moisture away from the skin. I wear them instead of my Smartwool socks and have found them to be warm in the cold, yet when wearing them in the summer and fall heat, my feet felt fine.

Taking their advice, I turned my pair inside out and could see the differences of thicknesses in the V Channel areas of the sock. The V Channels are actually visible from both the inside and outside. The toe is seamless, another great point, and the inside is free of extra bits of yarn that can cause problems. I also like the non-slip top, or cuff, of the socks. An added bonus is the nice arch support woven into the sock with mesh instep areas on top of the foot.

My daughter also tried a pair of the same socks. She reports they fit really well and did not bunch up, and were very comfortable and soft. With other socks, she noticed her feet were damp when removing the socks, but with Ellsworth, they wicked well and her feet did not feel damp.

Using fibers like wool or synthetics to move moisture away from the skin is what most socks claim to do. Ellsworth is the first sock company I am aware of that uses sock design to further enhance the work of the fibers.

On the Ellsworth website, there are several videos worth watching. One is a dye test that shows their socks had roughly 50% more wool that remained dry then competitor socks. The other is a thermal imaging test that showed the V Channels moved moisture faster and more efficiently than others socks while also cooling faster.

Ellsworth makes the V Channel socks with merino wool, nylon, and spandex – and they are made in the U.S. The socks are currently available in a Hiker, Light Hiker Crew, Light Hiker Quarter height, and Light Hiker Double Tab low cut. Prices currently range from $15 to $22 per pair. The socks come with a lifetime guarantee.

Ellsworth has spent the last four years selling their sock exclusively to the US Military. The results and feedback have been excellent. They have been in the footwear industry for 40 years.

I give Ellsworth’s V Channel socks five stars and a big thumbs up.

I encourage you to check out Ellsworth’s V Channel socks at I know you’ll find the socks comfortable, well-cushioned, and with their unique V Channel design, your feet will be drier and in excellent condition.

I love what Pete Dahlgren, the president of Ellsworth, said in one of their blog posts, “Our passion is socks. Step in and experience that passion, and feel the difference.” The passion made the difference that led to the creation of V Channel sock.