On August 22, 2012, my dad and I headed to Peterson Air Force Base in an attempt to open our first account with our new line of Ellsworth Tactical Socks.

I enjoy traveling with my dad. I’ve learned more on the road with him than all my classrooms combined.

With forty years of experience in the footwear industry, I’ve realized sometimes the old man isn’t all that out of touch and crazy.

His passion (which has become my own) is moisture management and how to deal with sweat inside a shoe.

One day while at his desk, my dad saw an ad for a rain tire.

Why can’t we knit channels on the bottom of the foot bed of a sock to help move sweat like a tire moves water?

Eureka! V-Channel technology was born.

By utilizing the most technical machines coming out of Italy, and implementing the finest yarns and fibers, he was able to turn a napkin sketch into reality.

I witnessed the nucleus of something special and wanted to be a part of it.

I quit my job with a major land developer, placed all bets, and decided my life would become socks.

I digress, getting back to Peterson Air Force Base.

When we arrived at the base store there was a vendor show going on.

Sales reps from various companies were there showing off their latest and greatest products.

The first thing my dad and I did was go to the sock wall.  It was crowded, filled with about five other brands.

And then I watched my dad do what he does best. Explain our sock.

We met the manager of the store whose first words were, “We really don’t need another sock.”

Like a seasoned boxer, my dad countered,  “We know you don’t, we’re not just another sock.  We’re the most technically advanced socks in the world regarding keeping the foot dry.  Our troops DESERVE our sock!”

Now having the attention of the store manager my dad made him an offer he couldn’t refuse – to buy back any and all inventory if it didn’t perform.

Almost on our hands and knees we begged for an order, and we got one!

Not long after we shipped the initial opening order we received an email from the store manager, “We’re currently out of large Cold Weather. Good problem for you to have. We’ve raised the level on these.”

Now four years and 40 base stores later we are at it again.

With a new outdoor line, we have incorporated what has been worn exclusively up to this point by our military into a sock geared towards hiking.

Our patented V-Channel technology gives sweat a path to escape and evaporate.  This keeps your feet drier.

As a matter of fact our test conclude 45% drier than the leading competition!

I’m asking you to give our socks a wear.  With our lifetime guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Our passion is socks.  Step in and experience that passion, and feel the difference.

– Pete Dahlgren, President, Ellsworth & Company