Why Ellsworth?

Put your foot into an Ellsworth sock, and experience something new. Our patented V-Channel design will keep your foot drier than the leading competition, allowing you to do all the things you love more comfortably.

Hike confidently in a sock that will provide you with technology and innovation unlike any other.

The name on our seamless toe represents a standard of excellence and craftsmanship while proudly being knit in America. Take a step with us, and feel the difference.

Climb higher.  Go further.  Stay drier.

What is V-Channel Technology?

Turn an Ellsworth sock inside out and you’ll see a 3-Dimensional design of knitted Vapor Channels.

The V-Channels create a passageway for sweat to escape from under your foot.

With every step you take, air carrying sweat vapor is forced out through the V-Channels keeping your foot drier, cooler and more comfortable.

This reduces blisters, enhances performance and makes your hike more enjoyable.


Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps

The first day I wore the boot socks I was amazed. These socks were the only socks that I've ever worn, out of all other brands, that kept my feet dry throughout the day.

Major of the United States Marine Corps

I found your socks to be amazing. I’ve been serving for 21 years and by far they are the best piece of equipment I’ve ever put on my feet.

Brian – MSgt USAF

After wearing them all day I was surprised to find my feet were completely dry. I Am definitely impressed at how comfortable and effective these socks are.

Jason – US Army Aviator

As soon as I tried your socks, both the summer and winter weights, I loved them! … I continue to favor your socks over any other pair I own.

Active Duty Navy SEAL

I wore them 4 times a week and they performed flawlessly, even during the crazy temperature swings (-7 to 55). My feet usually sweat more than normal when I wear thick socks and Gortex boots, even in extremely cold climates. For whatever reason, I didn't have that issue at all. And my feet never smelled horrible at the end of the day! Again, I can't thank you enough…They were a life saver.

James – Hiker/Outdoor Enthusiast

The trail (Appalachian) has been amazing! Your socks have kept my feet in great condition. Dry and comfortable couldn't be happier with your product. Thank you so much!

Stephanie – Retail Outdoors Specialist

I can see great value in the Ellsworth brand for the outdoor world. I found the socks incredibly comfortable and they do really work.

Joe – Retail Outdoors Specialist

The socks have officially become my favorites, and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on more. So far I have worn them with hiking boots and cross trainer sneakers both 10 hours at a time… You guys are really onto something.

Mirta – MSgt. USAF

I wore them for two weeks straight washing them every other day.  They maintained their color and form, which is priority for me. They also did not have any odor, which is awesome.  They maintained my feet dry all day…   I compared them to 4 other socks that we use in uniform and it really has become my favorite.

Roger – Col, USAF

I wore the socks you gave me and they were fantastic.  They kept my feet warm, comfortable and also allowed my feet to breathe to prevent sweating.  I wish I had these socks when I deployed to Iraq for a year.